Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A side adventure to Crozet Pizza - by the old man

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So I took a road trip with the wife this weekend. Food Network Magazine claims the best "the best pizza in Virginia" is in this little town called Crozet. Well, we actually were right by it so we decided to hop in there for lunch.

The place is very small and dated. Everything is all dark stained wood form the floor to the walls to the tables and the uncomfortable as heck booths. I would classify this place pretty much as a dive (what is it with me going to dives). They had a pretty good selection of beers. Since it was the middle of the day and we were going to go wine tasting I passed on the beers, but the selection did seem pretty good. We ordered sodas and they came in plastic throw away cups (I guess they don't like doing dishes).

We went ahead and ordered. One thing I noticed was the prices seemed slightly higher then I was used to for pizza. I mean its pizza so it was not super expensive (but a medium was the price I normally pay for a large). With a wide variety of toppings we decided to go with a classic - pepperoni, sausage, and garlic (my wife loves garlic).

The pizza came and the first thing we noticed was it was a little black on the sides. I guess some people consider that "smoky", I consider it overcooked. I took my first bite. They definitely brought it right out of the oven. It was very hot. I really had to think about what I thought of this pizza. As we continued to eat there were a few things I noticed. First, the crust was not the not the best I ever had and I thought it was just a little overcooked. They were very generous with the toppings and the flavor was starting to grow on me. I did like it. As far as greasiness goes I would say I it was a little on the greasier side but wasn’t overly greasy.

In the end this is what I decided. Had we drove up on the place and ate there; I would have thought it was an awesome find, but sometimes things just don't live up to their expectation. I was expecting the best and although it was good. I have had better pizza in Virginia.

I would suggest if you are in the area to give this a try. I hear they get very crowded with very long wait times, so I suggest going there for a lunch rather than dinner.

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