Monday, August 22, 2011

Thai Diner Restaurant

Since this is our first review I will go over the rating system. Since I love bacon we will be rating it by strips of bacon. Strips will be awarded by taste,decorations,service,and popularity.
The pot stickers were REALLY GOOD!
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When I walked in to the Thai restaurant I was a little disappointed, the lights were dim the walls looked dated and their was like 20 tables but only 2 were filled. When we received our menus it looked liked colored construction paper with words on it. So our appetizer was pot stickers which I loved. I thought maybe the food would turn out to be pretty good, but my pad thai came and I thought it was too spicy and I didn't like how they didn't take the tails off of the shrimp. They made me some more but then it was way too sweet.

Not a fan of the Pad Thai

The Old Man's Thoughts


So I think Ty is right as far as the decor. It is pretty much a dive and could use some updating. I noticed my menu was sort of sticky (gross). As far as the food goes though I have to disagree. I had the Noodle of the Drunk. They allow you to choose the level of spice from Mild-Thai Hot. I ordered mine American Hot and it was darn good. As far as for kids and teens I would avoid this place and if you are looking for a fancy date I'd go elsewhere. But if you want some darn good Thai food I would recommend this place. I give it 3 slices of bacon. Food wise higher, but the decor is so dated, they should spruce it up a bit.

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